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Madison McFerrin Announces New Album and Tour, Shares Video for New Song

by Anthony Patterson

Madison McFerrin, the rising indie-soul artist, has announced her highly anticipated debut album, I Hope You Can Forgive Me, and a corresponding tour in support of the release. The announcement came along with the release of the first single off the album, “(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now,” accompanied by a captivating music video.

The new single is a powerful showcase of McFerrin’s signature style, blending a unique mix of soulful vocals, R&B, and electronic beats. “(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now” is a heartfelt ballad, expressing the fear of losing someone important and pleading for them to stay.

The accompanying music video is a visually stunning work of art, directed by Jake Saner. It features McFerrin in a hauntingly beautiful forest, singing to a lone figure draped in a flowing white sheet. As the video progresses, the figure transforms into a flock of birds, symbolizing the release of a loved one.

McFerrin’s debut album, I Hope You Can Forgive Me, is set to release on April 29th, 2022, and promises to be a collection of emotional, honest, and soulful tracks. McFerrin has described the album as a cathartic journey through the ups and downs of relationships and the healing power of forgiveness.

In addition to the album release, McFerrin will be embarking on a North American tour in the summer of 2022, kicking off in San Francisco on June 8th and concluding in Brooklyn on July 16th. The tour promises to be an intimate and immersive experience, showcasing McFerrin’s raw and captivating talent.

McFerrin has been gaining momentum in the music industry over the past few years, with her unique sound and style capturing the attention of fans and critics alike. Her debut EP, Finding Foundations: Vol. II, released in 2018, received critical acclaim and established McFerrin as a rising star in the independent music scene.

Since then, McFerrin has continued to impress with a string of successful singles, collaborations, and performances. Her music has been praised for its authenticity, vulnerability, and emotional depth, with McFerrin drawing inspiration from her personal experiences and struggles.

In a recent interview, McFerrin shared her excitement for the upcoming album and tour, stating that she hopes her music can provide a space for healing and reflection for listeners. “I Hope You Can Forgive Me is a deeply personal project for me,” McFerrin said. “It’s a reflection of my journey towards self-forgiveness and healing, and I hope it can resonate with others who are going through similar experiences.”

As the release date for I Hope You Can Forgive Me approaches, fans of McFerrin eagerly anticipate the arrival of what promises to be a powerful and emotional album. With her unique style, powerful vocals, and honest lyrics, McFerrin is poised to become a major force in the music industry, and the upcoming album and tour are sure to solidify her status as one of the most exciting and innovative artists of our time.

In conclusion, Madison McFerrin’s announcement of her debut album and tour is exciting news for fans of her soulful and unique style. The release of the first single, “(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now,” accompanied by a stunning music video, promises an emotional and powerful album that showcases McFerrin’s raw talent and vulnerability. The upcoming tour is sure to be an immersive and intimate experience, giving fans the chance to connect with McFerrin’s music in a live setting.

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